Warren Marriages in Clark County, KY

Waren, John, and Elizabeth Adams; surety, William Adams. 1836 Nov 29

Warren, E1izabeth, and John J.Flynn; surety, John B. Lynn. 1849 Aug 22

Warren; Hetty, and David Arvin; surety, George W. Brandenburg. 1839 Nov 2

Warren, Isabel, and R. R. Gardon; surety , Thomas Warren. 1848 Oct 18

Warren, James, and Hester Brandenburgh, daughter of David Brandenburgh (consent); surety, David Brandenburgh. 1824 Feb 28

Warren, Jane, and Simeon M. Wilson; surety, Thomas Warren.  1848 Sep 30

Warren, John, and Linda Hamilton, daughter Leeroy Hamilton (consent); 1829 Jan 3

Warren, John, and O1ivia Blackburn; surety, John Hammer. (Following certificate appears on back of bond:  “This is to certify on the 10th day of August, 1801, Jno. Warren and Olivia Blackburn were legally joined together in holy wedlock given under my hand”.  W. Kavanaugh).   1801 Aug 10

Warren, Kitty H., and Jonathon Poston; surety, Henry Farrow.  Robert  Griffing made oath that Kitty Warren is twenty-one years of age.  1814 Jul 15

Warren, Mariam A., adopted daughter Thomas C. Green, and Jackson Stuart; surety, Thomas C. Green. 1844 Feb 20

Warren, Mary, daughter John Warren (consent), and Richard T. Ryon; surety, John Warren. 1822 Dec 7

Warren, Thomas, and Lucy Jones; surety, James H. Sharp. 1844 Dec 25.

Warren, Thomas, and Malinda Morris, widow;  surety, Thomas M. Tribble. 1845 Feb 6

Warren, Thomas, and Phebe Sphar; surety, Daniel Sphar.  1820 Feb 2

Warren, Verlinda, and Major Tapp; surety, Daniel Green. 1848 Aug 26

Warren Marriages in Madison County, KY

Descendents of  John Warren of Clark County, Kentucky

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