Descendants of Alexander Miller


Generation No. 1

1. ALEXANDER2 MILLER (JOHN1) was born 1720 in Antrim, Ireland, and died in Dayton, Rockingham, Virginia. He married JANE EVANS 1748 in Ardstraw, Tyrone, Ireland, daughter of DAVID EVANS and JANE NORTON. She was born Abt. 1724 in Glasgow, Scotland, and died 1793 in Rockingham, Virginia.



                   i.     ALEXANDER3 MILLER, b. 1740, Ardstraus, Tyrone, Ireland; d. Aft. 1821, Rockingham Co, Va.  Burial: Cooks Creek, , Virginia

                   ii.   JOHN M. MILLER, b. January 10, 1748/49, Ardstraw Parish, Tyrone, Ireland, Ireland; d. Unknown, Richmond, Madison Co, KY; m. MARGARET HICKLIN; b. Abt. 1760.

                 iii.    ALEXANDER MILLER, b. 1751, Ardstraw Parish, Tyrone, Ireland; d. Aft. 1821, Rockingham Co, Va. Burial: Cooks Creek Cem, Dayton, Rockingham, VA 

                 iv.     ISAAC MILLER, b. 1755, Of, , Tyrone, Ireland.

2.               v.     BRICE MILLER, b. Abt. 1757, Tyrone, Ireland or Virginia; d. 1818, Montgomery Co., KY.

                 vi.      MARGARET MILLER, b. Abt. 1758, Of Greenbriar, WV.

3.             vii.     JOSEPH MILLER, b. Abt. 1762, Of Greenbriar, WV; d. Bet. 1823 - 1825, Monroe, WV.

               viii.     DAVID MILLER, b. Abt. 1764, Of Greenbriar, VA.

                  ix.    JANE MILLER, b. Abt. 1764, Rockbridge, Augusta Co., VA; d. 1818, Andersonville, Anderson Co., TN. 

Notes for JANE MILLER: Different researchers list Jane with different spouse, so I haven't included information on a spouse.  Researchers sometimes refer to her as "Jenny".  Not sure if Alexander and Jane Miller had another daughter by that name or if both names refer to the same person.  It has been reported that Jane died after struck by lightening.

Generation No. 2

2. BRICE3 MILLER (ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1757 in Virginia or Tyrone, Ireland, and died 1818 in Montgomery Co., Ky. He married ELIZABETH BRADSHAW January 30, 1781 in Greenbrier Co, Va, daughter of WILLIAM BRADSHAW and MARGARET UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1763 in Augusta County, Va, and died 1825 in Montgomery County, KY.

Notes for BRICE MILLER: Found in Colonial America, 1607-1789 Census Index, State: VA, County: Greenbrier Co., Census Enumeration year: 1786 Census type code: Tax List

Note:  Abihu Anderson signed the Will of Brice Miller and may have been the father of Brice's son-in-law, Thomas T. Anderson.

Miscellaneous Genforum Postings

"Lesley - I may have contacted you previously. If so, I don't recall what about. Your query about father of Brice Miller, father of Jane, who married Joseph Fink - Brice was son of Joseph and Dolly (Cornwell) Miller. Joseph was a brother to the Brice who married Elizabeth Bradshaw. If you wish to contact me - Gaye M. Whitehead, P. O. Box 733, Daniels, WV 25832-733 or by email."

"Brice Miller may be named after an ancestor uncle Henry Brice who in 1724 married Susannah Miller, daughter of Simon Miller of Rappahannock VA".

"Have long searched for names of parents and place of birth for Joseph Miller who married Dolly Cornwell, Greenbrier Co, VA 1789. His brother, Brice Miller (Indian Scout) married Eliza Bradshaw 1781 in same county. His sister, Jane Miller, married John Wallace 1780 in same county. Some of other Millers in Monroe Co, VA at time may be brothers or sisters but not proven. Will be grateful for any help given".


i. JAMES4 MILLER, b. Aft. 1781, Greenbrier Co, Va; d. Aft. 1830; m. SIBBY HARPER, 1814, Bath County, KY.

Information obtained from the message board:

"Am still looking for information on James Miller and his wife Sibby Harper Hanks. They were married in 1814 in Bath Co Ky. Removed to Putnum Co. ca, 1830. James Miller was the son of Brice Miller and Elizabeth Bradshaw of Bath Co. Ky. and Sibby Harper Hanks was the daughter of John Harper and Mary Ann? of Montgomery Co. Ky. I believe they lived in the Bainbridge area. If you have any information on any of these people I would love to hear from you. Thanks for any information. Teresa Rigney"

Later Message:

"Sibby Harper Hanks parents were John Harper and Mary Ann ? Harper of Montgomery Co. Ky. Sibby was the widow of George Hanks who died in 1813, she then married James Miller. I am interested in finding out what happened to Sibby and her husband James Miller after they moved to Putnum Co. IN. Names of children and when they died and are buried etc".

George Hanks parents were Abraham Hanks and Sarah Harper. Sarah Harper and Sibby father John Hanks were supposedly brother and sister which would have made Sibby and her first husband George Hanks first cousins. According to the author Adin Baber, who wrote several books on the Hanks lines, Abraham Hanks and Sarah Harper are the parents of Nancy Hanks the mother of Abraham Lincoln, which would make Nancy Hanks a sister to George Hanks".

I actually am not connected to the Miller line, my ancester was Stephen England Hanks son of Sibby Harper Hanks and her first husband George Hanks. Teresa Rigney"

ii. JOHN MILLER, b. Aft. 1781, Greenbrier Co, Va; d. Aft. 1830.

iii. BRICE MILLER, b. Aft. 1781, Greenbrier Co, Va; d. Aft. 1830; m. BETSY GLOVER, February 16, 1823, Montgomery County, KY.

iv. NANCY MILLER, b. 1782, Va; d. Aft. 1850, Montgomery Co., Ky.

v. ELIZABETH MILLER, b. Abt. 1783, <Va>.

vi. RACHEL MILLER, b. Abt. 1785, <Greenbriar Co, Va>.

vii. JANE MILLER, b. Abt. 1787, <Greenbriar Co, Va>.

viii. DAVID MILLER, b. Abt. 1789, <Greenbriar Co, Va>.

ix. JOSEPH MILLER, b. Abt. 1791, <Greenbriar Co, Va>; d. Aft. 1825, Oh?.

x. BRADSHAW MILLER, b. September 28, 1801, Monroe Co, Va; d. December 24, 1856, Ursa Twp, Adams Co, Il; m. REBECCA KEATH, January 16, 1823, Bath County, KY; b. Abt. 1804, Montgomery County, KY.

More About BRADSHAW MILLER:  Buried in Keath Cem, Nr Marcelline, Adams Co, Il

4. xi. MARGARET "PEGGY" MILLER, b. Abt. 1796, Greenbrier County, VA; d. Aft. 1870.

3. JOSEPH3 MILLER (ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1762 in Of Greenbriar, Wva, and died Bet. 1823 - 1825 in Monroe, VA/WV. He married DOLLY CORNWELL 1789 in Greenbriar Co., VA.

Notes for JOSEPH MILLER: Will dated 6-17-1823. Dev. Dolly, wife; Brice, John, David, sons; Jane, Elizabeth, Hannah, Rachel, Margaret Shanklin, daus; others. Probated 1-25?


6.                i.     BRICE4 MILLER, b. Abt. 1797, Monroe, WV; d. Bef. 1890, Monroe, WV.

                  ii.     JANE MILLER, m. JOSEPH FINK.

                 iii.     JOHN MILLER.

                 iv.      DAVID MILLER.

                  v.      ELIZABETH MILLER.

                 vi.      RACHEL MILLER.

                vii.      MARGARET MILLER.

               viii.      HANNAH MILLER.

Generation No. 3

4. MARGARET "PEGGY"4 MILLER (BRICE3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1796 in Greenbrier County, VA, and died Aft. 1870. She married THOMAS T. ANDERSON Bef. 1816. He was born Abt. 1793 in Maryland or Kentucky, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Montgomery County, KY.


6. i. ALLEY JANE5 ANDERSON, b. Bet. 1814 - 1816, Kentucky.

7. ii. ELIZABETH ANDERSON, b. Bet. 1818 - 1823, Kentucky; d. Aft. 1870.

8. iii. LENA ANDERSON, b. Bet. 1822 - 1824; d. 1852, Montgomery County, KY.

9. iv. JAMES ANDERSON, b. 1826, Montgomery County, KY; d. February 8, 1888, Spencer Station, Montgomery Co., KY.

10. v. ABIHU P. ANDERSON, b. Bet. 1830 - 1836, Montgomery County, KY; d. Aft. 1870.

11. vi. BRICE D. ANDERSON, b. Bet. 1828 - 1831, Montgomery County, KY; d. Aft. 1880.

vii. MARY ANDERSON, b. 1834, Montgomery County, KY; d. Aft. 1850.

viii. MARGARET ANDERSON, b. 1837, Montgomery County, KY; d. Aft. 1870.

5. BRICE4 MILLER (JOSEPH3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1797 in Monroe, WV, and died Bef. 1890 in Monroe, WV. He married CHRISTINA DEHART in Monroe County, VA/WV, daughter of THOMAS DEHART and CHRISTINA UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1797 in Monroe, WV, and died Bef. 1890 in Monroe, WV.


i. JANE5 MILLER, b. Abt. 1819.

ii. MARY ANN MILLER, b. Abt. 1825.

iii. ELIZABETH MILLER, b. Abt. 1826.

iv. REBECCA MILLER, b. January 11, 1828.

v. WILLIAM ANDERSON MILLER, b. April 13, 1833.

vi. ANDREW JACKSON MILLER, b. Abt. 1833.

vii. CLEMENTINE MILLER, b. February 1838.

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