Early Luckett Origins

"All authorities on surnames agree that Luckett is a diminutive of the given name Luke--which has also given rise to Lukin, Luckins, Luckings, Luckock, Lucock, Locock, Locard, Lockard, Lockhart, Lockit, Lockitt, Locket, Lockett, Luckit, and Lucket.

It has been said that these names are of Norman-French origin, and its earliest known member in England was Locard. He accompanied the forces of William the Conqueror to Britain in 1066 and fought at the decisive battle of Hastings, but failing to return to his native Normandy, he remained in England and founded the families which bear his name in one form or another.

While actual documentary proof of the above is lacking, it is known, however, that the earliest family using the spelling Lockett and Luckett, mostly the latter, was by 1530 in County Kent, England, which is the nearest approach to France. It is also known that many Normen settled in Kent after the Conquest as well as a number of Huguenots of a later date.

The earliest freeholder found is that of Wilhelmi Lucket, of Chislet Parish, Kent. At the parish church of St. Mary's, his son Ambrose was baptized according to the rites of the Church of England in 1556. The entry reads as follows: "Ambrosius filis Wilhelmi Lucket erat baptisatus 11 die Augusti patrib?? et matr Ambrosius yong thome herdes margeria idivyn Anno D'Ni 1556." The next entry is "Elizabet Locket was chrystyn the XXX day off Januarij Anno Donni 1560".

Source: The Lucketts of Portobacco, MD by Harry Wright Newman (Read Online Version of The Lucketts of Portobaco)

"The Luckett family also has its traditions. The original Luckett was one of the colonists who settled in Lord Baltimore's Province of Avalon on the Isle of Newfoundland during 1621, and came to Virginia when Lord Baltimore visited that colony in 1629, and there he remained. A few years later in 1634 when Leonard Calvert, son of the First Lord Baltimore, established the Maryland Palatinate, he removed to Maryland to become once again under the sovereignty of his former lordship. Only little credence can be placed in this tradition, for no proof has been found for its authenticity" (Harry Wright Newman, 1938). 


Ancestors of Samuel Luckett?

The ancestry of the Immigrant Samuel Luckett (b: 1650) is not known with certainty, however, the LDS Website www.familysearch.org, provides the following (below).  Documented evidence is needed before any conclusions can be made.  


Generation No. 1





2. i. THOMAS2 LUCKETT, b. February 1580/81, Goring, Sussex, England.


Generation No. 2


2. THOMAS2 LUCKETT (WILLIAM1) was born February 1580/81 in Goring, Sussex, England.



3. i. RICHARD3 LUCKETT, b. August 1601, Chilham, Kent, England.


Generation No. 3


3. RICHARD3 LUCKETT (THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born August 1601 in Chilham, Kent, England.

Notes for RICHARD LUCKETT: According to LDS records, Richard was christened August 16, 1601 in Chilham, Kent, England.



4. i. THOMAS4 LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1624, Kent County, England.


Generation No. 4

4. THOMAS4 LUCKETT (RICHARD3, THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1624 in Kent County, England.


Notes for THOMAS LUCKETT: According to LDS records, Thomas Luckett was christened August 8, 1624 in Chilham, Kent, England.



i. SAMUEL5 LUCKETT, b. Abt. 1650, Kent County, England; d. July 18, 1705, Port Tobacco, MD; m. ELIZABETH HUSSEY, 1684; b. 1667, St. Charles County, MD; d. Abt. 1747, Port Tobacco, St. Charles County, MD.


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