I haven't had time to arrange these yet, so they are in no particular order.  Debbie

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Nick Meisberger Wedding.jpg (66880 bytes)     Rosemary M Wedding.jpg (43596 bytes)

Nick Meisberger and Rosemary Schreiner - Wedding Day

Joseph and Eugenia Luckett.jpg (23602 bytes)                                                    

Joseph Luckett and Eugenia (Thomas) Luckett

Pete Schreiner and Civil War Veterans.jpg (48311 bytes)                                       

Pete Schreiner & two other Civil War Veterans

Nick and half brother Adams.jpg (42143 bytes)

Nick Meisberger and half brother

Rose Schreiner Age 7.jpg (82815 bytes)

Rosemary Schreiner, age 7

Ralph and Norb Meisberger


Elizabeth Luckett and brother Preston, about 1917

Nick letter.jpg (164596 bytes)

Letter from Nick Meisberger

Mary Eckel Schreiner and sister Kate.jpg (54161 bytes)

Mary Eckel Schreiner and sister Kate