Some Early Kentucky Andersons

I. James Anderson and Inez Lavarro

James Anderson was born Oct 22, 1743 in Delaware and died in 1835 in Indiana. He lived in the early part of the Revolution on the South Branch of the Potomac in Hampshire Co., VA and served at various times guarding the country and in pursuit of Tories, until 1780, when he moved near the Falls of the Ohio in KY. Joined a company under Capt. Peter Sturges in Col. George Rogers Clark expedition. Assisted in building a blockhouse near Cincinnati, then marched against the Indians at Little Miami. He served in 1782, as a sergeant in Capt. Peter Hines, Co., Col. George Rogers Clark. In 1786 was taken prisoner by the Shawnee Indians and held until purchased by a French trader who released him.

Married Inez Lavarro (a Cuban). Had 5 children, but only Rachel and James came to Indiana. 

Daughter Rachel, born Aug. 5, 1777, married Thomas Anderson, Jr. (no relation) on December 10, 1796 in Jefferson County, KY.  (Bond on Nov. 10, 1796).  Bond:  John McLawlin.  Witnesses: William Pope and Joseph Williams.  Original bond in NY Historical Society. (The Filson Club has a photocopy).  Children of Thomas and Rachel include: Peggy, b. 1796; Pressley, b. 1806; James, b. 1808; Thomas Jr., b. 1811; Lewis, b. 1813; Clark b. 1817; Alexander b. 1822.  

Proof: Pension claim S. 32096. Buried at the Anderson Graveyard in Sandborn, Vigo Twp., Knox County, IN. Source: Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Indiana, 1938. Page 40.

My Note: The grandson's name, "Pressley", leads me to believe there is a connection to the Montgomery/Bath County Andersons.

James Anderson Revolutionary War Pension Application

Sandborn Cemetery Records

II.  James Anderson and Jane Guerrant

James Anderson and Jane Guerrant (My Southern Family Website)

III.  James Anderson and Letty Bradshaw

James Anderson filed for a Revolutionary War Pension in Rockcastle County, KY on Nov. 26, 1832 at the age of 72. He stated that he was born in 1762 in Donegall Twp., Lancaster Co., PA and enlisted in the county of Northumberland, PA. (He claimed that he was 72 when he filed the pension, so may have been born in 1760). At one time he served under the command of his uncle, Captain John Wilkins. He died August 18, 1837 in Clark County.

His widow, Letty Anderson (maiden name Letty Bradshaw), applied for pension in Montgomery County, KY on May 4, 1843 at the age of 77. James and Letty were married in Fayette County, KY in February or March 1783, by a magistrate named Cleveland or by a Baptist minister named Joel Eastman.

Family Records (my note: some appear to be their children, others are probably grandchildren due to ages): Delilah Anderson, b: Dec. 3, 1807; Harrison Graves Anderson, born April 22, 1810; Bingham Graves (Anderson?), b: Mar 15, 1810; Lette or Lettes Anderson, born Nov 24, 1767; Dewitt (Anderson), born August 21, 1823 or 1833; Polly Anderson, born July 30, 1788; Sarah Anderson, born July 26, 1801; Betsy Anderson, born Nov 31, 1803; Jean Anderson, born January 17, 1805. Also two children who died in infancy who were older than Polly. No other data given. 

My Note:  Another researcher provided the following information: 

James Anderson b. abt. 1762 m. Letty J. Bradshaw in 1783 Fayette Co., Ky. James Anderson died August 18, 1837-Clark Co., Ky. Burial place: Unknown. Letty J. Bradshaw b. Nov. 1767 died: after 1850-Montgomery or Powell Co., Ky.

Children: 1: Polly b. 1788 2: Sarah b. 1790 3: Wingate b. 1798-1800 m. Martha (Patsy) maiden name unknown 4: John b. 1799 5: Archibald b. January 26, 1801 m. Dorcas Hatton on May 24, 1828 6: Betsy b. 1803 7: Jean b. 1805 8: Delila b. 1807 m. Claiborn Barnett 9: Harrison b. 1810.  Widow Letty J. Bradshaw Anderson states she had 2 children that died in infancy and born before Polly. 

My note: Letty J. Anderson, age 87, appears in the 1850 Montgomery County Census (district 2 p. 60). She is listed with the family of Martha P. Young (age 35). Other family members are listed nearby (also on page 60). These include: Claiborn and Delila (Anderson) Barnett and H.G. (i.e. Harrison) and Sarah Anderson. Sons Archibald and Wingate can be found in the 1850 Clark County, KY census.

Source:  Anderson, James, Letty, W2902, BLW #34969-160-55, PA line and War of 1812, applied 26 Nov 1832 Rockcastle County, KY.

IV. James Anderson and Molly Logan

James Anderson Will - Fayette County Will Abstracts, Will Book C., page 529 - Names wife, Molly; children, William, Margaret, Samuel Logan, George; Esther Anne, John James. Also names friend, David Logan;  Written Sept 28, 1815; probated February, 1816. Executors - James Logan, James Wallace. Witnesses - David Logan, David McMurtry, Thomas McIlroy.

The LDS site  has more information about James and Molly Logan Anderson, however, some of the information is contradictory.  One of the records shows that James was born in 1711, while another gives 1744 as the year of birth.  

A cluster of individuals identified by the LDS site as children of James and Molly are listed in the 1820 Montgomery County census (district 2). These include:  James, Charles P., John, William and David--who were all close neighbors.  A Martha Flood is listed between William and David, therefore may be a sister.  The heads of each of these households fall in the 26-45 age category, whereas James Anderson and wife are listed in the "over 45" category.  Perhaps this James Anderson was an older brother?

V. Jemima Anderson and Edward Williams

Jemima Anderson Williams was likely related to Nicholas Anderson (Nicholas Anderson discussed below). Edward Williams and "Niclos" Antherson <sic> were admitted to the Chopawamsic Parish in Stafford Co., VA on the same day (Nov 24, 1767).  "Jemiah" Williams and Barbery Anderson enrolled shortly after.

Chopawamsic Baptist Church Records - Contributed by Homer Musselman.

In 1779, the Williams settled at Anderson's Station with Nicholas Anderson. 

"Anderson's Station: ...was upon the head of now Hinkston, about 2 miles south west of Mt. Sterling.  Settled about 1791 by Nicholas Anderson; John Harper, bro: to Peter Harper, and Ned Williams, were the other 2 of 3 men that had their fams there.  One Somers lived there, awhile, but not I believe, at first.  Hinkston was then called Little Mountain, to as low down as where Grassy Lick came in; where it was then called H."  (Source: Draper Manuscripts, Clark County Interviews).

"In 1794 John Summers, Sr., purchased 50 acres on Lulbegrud from Ed and Jemimah Williams, part of a 287-acre tract granted Williams on October 2, 1786.  Clark Deed Book 1, p. 264". (cited from Harry Enoch, In Search of Morgan's Station)

Jemima Anderson may have been the second wife of Edward William. Edward's children from his first marriage included Daniel, Joshua, Pernell and Susan.  Jemima was the mother of Caleb and Casper Williams. (Source: The Williams Family Of Eastern Kentucky, Magoffin County Historical Society, Salyersville, KY).

In 1794 there is an Indenture between Edward Williams and Jemimah Williams his wife of Clark County and the State of Kentucky of one part and Daniel Williams of the same place. This is signed by Edward Williams and Her X Mark for Jemimah Williams. This document shows that Edward and Jemimah Williams were living in the same house, but living apart, separated and estranged. 

Depositions Taken at Home of Nicholas Anderson

Williams of Eastern Kentucky (Message Board)

My note:  Some researchers claim that Jemima was the daughter of Major Jack Anderson.  According to a newspaper article, Major Jack Anderson was still alive in December of 1840. See starting at Diary Page 134 (more than half way down the page).  If Major Anderson was indeed the father of Jemima, he must have been very advanced in age by 1840.  It is also possible that Major Anderson was not the father of Jemima.  Perhaps another John Anderson was her father?  Or Nicholas Anderson (who some have suggested may have been John Nicholas Anderson)?

VI. John Anderson and Ann Irvine 

I have found two different accounts of this particular John Anderson.  Although one version is supported by more evidence than the other, I will post both accounts below:

Version 1:

Based on a book of Kentucky Genealogies:

"John Anderson, Jr., born in 1737, was the son of Col. John Anderson and his wife, Jane. A distinguished American patriot, a colonial officer, Col. Anderson was appointed to one of the first gentlemen magistrates of Augusta County, Virginia. He owned several large tracts of land and lived on one tract that had been granted to him by King George of England, in 1738"

"His son, John, Jr. married in about 1754, and served in the Revolutionary War both in Virginia and in Kentucky. He moved his family to Kentucky in 1780, having pre-empted land on Gilbert's Creek, in 1779. He died in 1796, leaving eleven children" (source:  Genealogies of Kentucky Families - Kennedy Family, p. 608).

Version 2 (most likely):

John Anderson, born Jan 13, 1724/5, was the son of Rev. James Anderson (1678-1740) and Suit Garland.  He married Anne Irvine and had eleven children.  These included:

1. MARGARET ANDERSON, b. Jan 8, 1755, m. Bezaleel MAXWELL in Albemarle Co. VA on Feb. 6, 1775
2. JAMES ANDERSON b. Dec. 13, 1757 m. Hannah Wallace
3. MARY ANDERSON m. 1st John Kennedy, m. 2nd Samuel Campbell in Lincoln Co., KY on Apr 13, 1785 (see below).
4. WILLIAM ANDERSON m. Elizabeth Henderson in Madison Co., KY on Dec 23, 1790
5. REBECCA ANDERSON m. 1st Ruste John Maxwell, m. 2nd James Crawford
7. ANN ANDERSON m. John Gass in Madison Co., KY on Jan 17, 1793. 
8. ISAAC ANDERSON m. Jane Young in Madison Co., KY on April 6, 1790
9. JACOB ANDERSON (d in infancy)
10. ELIZABETH ANDERSON m. William M. Morrison in Madison Co., KY on June 3, 1796.
11. SAMUEL ANDERSON b. 1776, d. unmarried March 18, 1806

Bible Record

The Bible Record of Rev. James Anderson states that his son, John, was born January 13, 1724-5 in New York.  The will of James Anderson mentions by name only his wife, a niece, his daughter, Susanna, and the youngest son, Thomas, who was still a child and yet to be educated....After mentioning these he directs that his remaining property be 'divided among all my children'.

Madison County, KY, Wills A-351
"Samuel Anderson, of Madison Co. KY, December 10, 1804. To my sister, Betsy Morrison, and my niece Betsy Campbell, certain live stock; my clothing to my brothers William and Isaac Anderson, to my sisters, Margaret Maxwell, Rebecca Crawford, Mary Campbell and Ann Gness, and my brother John Anderson, twenty-five cents each; I give my plantation to my brother James Anderson, who I make my executor. William Brisco and David Maxwell, witnesses. Proved April 7, 1806. Inventory returned, August 5, 1806. Amount of personality, $6229.64."

More about John Anderson, Jr. and his father, Rev. James Anderson

1798 Madison County, KY Land Deed (names several family members)

This John Anderson is often confused with another John Anderson, who married Sarah Carney in Stafford Co., VA.  Many Anderson/Carney researchers claim their John was the son of the Rev. James Anderson.  The facts, however, do not support their claims. More about John Anderson and Sarah Carney

VII.  John Anderson and Mary Robeson

This John Anderson lived on Lulbegrud Creek in Montgomery County, KY.  He lived near Nicholas Anderson, John Harper and Edward Williams (husband of Jemima Anderson), therefore is likely connected to these families.  Land transactions between Edward Williams and John Anderson further support an association. 

John Anderson and Mary Robeson (William LaBach Website)

VIII. John Anderson and Susannah Thomas 

John Anderson was born May 19, 1752 in Prince William County, Virginia, and died February 15, 1814 in Montgomery County, Kentucky.  He married Susannah Thomas 1772 in Virginia.  She was born February 19, 1754.

 Children of John Anderson and Susannah Thomas are: Hedgemond Anderson (b: 1773, m: Rebecca Wyatt); Josiah Anderson (m: Dorcas Gigsby); Elizabeth Anderson; Prudence Anderson (m: unknown Johnson); Kisseah Anderson (m: James Harwood); Mildred Anderson (m: Craven Spiller 1814); May Ann Anderson, (m: Andrew Armstrong); Penelope Anderson (m: Andrew Biggs); John Anderson, born February 26, 1785 (m: Mary Ramey).

More about John Anderson and Susannah Thomas

IX. Mary Anderson and John Kennedy (and later, Samuel Campbell)

Mary Anderson married John Kennedy, Jr. on April 15, 1780 [some say in the Boonesboro Fort, although I don't know this for sure]. Mary was the daughter of John Anderson, Jr. and his wife, Ann Irvine (see above).

John Kennedy and Mary Anderson

After John Kennedy's death, Mary Anderson married Samuel Campbell.  

Samuel Campbell and Mary Anderson

X. Nicholas Anderson and Barbara

Nicholas Anderson and Barbara (also includes information about their known children: Aletha, Asena, Alleane, Annis, Abihu, Nimrod and Nicholas, Jr.) 

Nicholas Anderson and Descendents - Research Chronology

Depositions Taken at Home of Nicholas Anderson

XI.  Presley Anderson and Elizabeth Steele

Presley Anderson (sometimes spelled Pressley) was in Kentucky by 1779 and was an early settler of Strode's Station.  Pressly was mentioned on several occasions in an interview by William Clinkenbeard (Draper mss. 11CC).

Excerpts from Draper Manuscripts (William Clinkenbeard Interview)

"Pressly Anderson was barefooted and bare-legged - (rolled up his pantaloons).  His w. was walking and carrying her child.  They passed us pretty nigh "every day".  

Pressly Anderson & his wife, used to pass us every day on the road. Both of them out here on Slate".   

"Old Pressly Anderson, I think, lived on the one side of that gate till he got afraid and went back to McGee's"

A note scribbled in margin lists some of the inhabitants of Strode's Station: "Old Pressley Anderson"...3 Andersons . 1 at McGee's.  1 at Boonesborough and this. Cousins I think".  

Other Sources: Shawhan Website and Lynn Quarterly Website

Will Records of Bath County, Kentucky 1811-1824, Book A

Presley Anderson.  My wife, Elizabeth My daughters: Nancy Gray, Elizabeth Howard, Sally Mockbee, Polly, Maria, Julian, and Eliza.  My sons: John A. S., Presley, William, and Cuthbert.  My sons: William and Cuthbert, and my wife, Exe. Witnesses: Ben South, Robert Ewing, and Augustin Choat Probated: 11 August 1814

Bio of Presley Anderson and Elizabeth Steele

Lynn Heritage Website - Draper Transcriptions

Depositions Taken at Home of Nicholas Anderson

XII. Richard Clough Anderson and Elizabeth Clark

Richard Clough Anderson was born January 12, 1750 in Louisa County. VA to Robert Anderson and Elizabeth Clough.  Richard Clough was a colonel in the Revolutionary War and later removed to Louisville, KY, where he served as the principal surveyor of lands appropriated by Virginia as compensation (warrant) to Virginia's Revolutionary War soldiers.   

On November 24, 1787, Richard Clough Anderson married Elizabeth Clark, sister of George Rogers Clark and William Clark (Lewis and Clark Expedition).  After Elizabeth's death in 1795, Richard married Sarah Marshall on September 17, 1797 in Caroline County, VA.  Richard Clough Anderson died on October 16, 1826 at his home (Soldier's Retreat) in Louisville, Kentucky.

Draper Manuscripts FHL889198 -p. 166:  Elizabeth Clark was born in Caroline Co., VA 11 Feb, 1768. She married Col. Richard C. Anderson. She had one son and three daughters. She died in 1795. She was the daughter of John Clark born 20 Oct 1724 in King and Queen Co., VA and Ann Rogers born 2 Oct 1734 at King and Queen Co.

Anderson, Overton, Clark, Rogers and Meriwether Families 

Lewises, Meriwethers and Their Kin (excerpts of book at the Anderson Family Records Website)

Richard Clough Anderson Papers

Richard Clough Anderson, Jr. Bio

XIII. William Anderson and Jane Bell

Service: Muster Roll of 2nd class 6th Battalion, Lancaster Co. Militia, on tour of duty at Lancaster, 1781. Proof: Penn. Archives, Series V, Vol. VII, pp. 578, 585 Married: Jane Bell (1771-1844). Ch. William Jr., Thomas, Andrew, James, John, Matilda, Jane, Melissa, Lucinda. Collected by George W. Wilson, Historian Dubois County, IN. 

My note: William Anderson and Jane Bell were married in Bourbon County, KY on Nov 10, 1792.

Family Record of William Anderson and Jane Bell

XIV. William Anderson

I really don't know much about the following William Anderson, other than what is provided by a microfilmed abstract of his Revolutionary War Pension.  Unfortunately, this abstract was hard to read (although typed) and appears to contain several transcription errors.

Anderson, William, Pension 48-30828 (not clear on microfilm), Virginia

"The said applicant served in the capacity of a private soldier in the line of the State of Virginia and he was placed on the Pension Roll on the date of 4-2-1833 and he was at the age of 69 years on the date of 3-4-1831 (my note: should this also be 1833?).  

The above named soldier applied for a pension while he was residing in the County of Montgomery in the State of Kentucky on the date of September 13 of the year 1832 and while he was at the age of 67 years.  He stated that he had enlisted in the State of Virginia in the County of Prince William in the spring of the year 1781.

The said William Anderson stated that prior to the opening of the War of the Revolution he had resided in the County of Prince William in the State of Virginia, and since the close of the War of the Revolution, he had resided in Montgomery County in the State of Kentucky; he also added that he had resided in Kentucky to which state he had removed in the year 1730 (my note: 1730 is obviously a transcription error)"

XV. Additional Montgomery County Andersons

Additional Montgomery County, KY Andersons



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