Anderson Marriages in Clark County, KY

1837 Feb 6

Anderson, Alexander, and Patsey Gordon; surety, David M. Gorden.  

1844 Jun 24

Anderson, Alexander H., and Mary A. Goff; surety, B.J.Peters. Consent of Nancy Goff and John Anderson, Jr., guardian of Alexander H. Anderson.  Strauder Goff, guardian of Mary Goff, present.  Witnesses: Thomas J. Goff, J.M. Mitchell. 

1838 Nov 12

Anderson, Alley Jane and James Ginnett; surety,Thomas T.Anderson. 1838 Nov 12  

1816 Jul 31

Anderson, Anna, daughter James Anderson (consent) and Absalom Rogers; surety, John Anderson. 

1794 Jan 16  

Anderson, Annie, daughter Nicholas Anderson (consent) and Samuel Hadden; surety Abihu Anderson. 

1827 May 21

Anderson, Archibald, and Dorcas Hatton; surety, Benjamin Hatton. 1827 May 21

1793 Apr 13 

Anderson, Aseene, daughter Nicholas Anderson (consent) and James Bradshaw; surety, Daniel Willson.  

1845 Aug 15  

Anderson, Bershabe, daughter Mary Anderson (consent) and Abner w. Estes. Witness, George C. Porter; surety, Henry B.Estes. 

1839 Jun 17

Anderson, Elizabeth, and Eli Husband; surety, Thomas T. Anderson. Age of Eli Husband proven by Alfred Bouren. (Note:  Groom’s name should read Eli Hubbard, not Husband). 

1810 Jun 26  

Anderson, Frances, daughter James Anderson (consent), and William Anderson; witnesses, John Doe, William M. Sudduth; surety, David Anderson.

1829 Nov 23

Anderson, George and Eliza Ann Wornall, daughter Thomas Wornall (consent), surety, Thomas Wornall, Jr. 

1826 Jun 12  

Anderson, George, and Neomy Bean; surety, John Bean. 

1842 Sep 12  

Anderson, George and Susan Fry; surety, George Fry. 

1828 Jan 5

Anderson, Harriett, and George W. Merritt; surety, Charles Taliaferro. 

1816 Jan 30  

Anderson, James, and Sarah C. Taylor; sureties, Samuel Hanson, Jonathan T. Berry.

1838 Jan 15

Anderson, James W., and Lucretia Treadway, daughter Catharine Treadway (consent); witnesses, Clabourne R.Barnett, Ginna Dewit; surety, General H. Anderson.

1836 Sep 7  

Anderson, Jesse, and Elizabeth Ramsey; surety, James Ramsey.

1813 Sep 21  

Anderson, John, and Eliza B. Davis; surety, Isaac Workman.


1837 Mar 2  

Anderson, John, and Mary White; surety, Benjamin Hulett. Mother of Mary White present, her father being dead and she having no guardian. 

1848 Jun 12  

Anderson, John, and Mary J. Davis; surety, William Patton.

1834 Jul 8  

Anderson, Loueasy, daughter Wingate Anderson (consent) and Benjamin Hatton; surety, William T. Anderson.  (Should Louisa Anderson)

1809 Dec 27  

Anderson, Martha, and James Kyle; surety, Thomas Lafferty.

1824 May 19  

Anderson, Matthew, and Mary Pryor Taylor, daughter Jonathan Taylor (consent); surety, James P. Bullock. Designated in written consent as Doctor Matthew Anderson.

1847 Oct 30  

Anderson, Oliver, and Louisa Price; surety, W.C. Matthews.

1828 Dec 24  

Anderson, Patsey, daughter James Anderson (consent), and Benjamin Young; witness, John Young; surety, Archibald Anderson. 

1816 Oct 23  

Anderson, Polly, daughter Matthew Anderson (consent), and Benjamin P.Gay; surety, James Anderson. 

1839 Jun 25  

Anderson, Preston and Eliza Jane Tate; surety, Waddy Tate.

1795 Oct 24 

Anderson, William and Rebekah Lisle, daughter Sophia Lisle (consent); surety, Daniel Lisle.  

1810 Feb 3  

Anderson, William, and Polly Duncan; surety, Joshua Duncan. 

1810 Jun 26  

Anderson, William and Frances Anderson, daughter James Anderson (consent); witnesses, John Doe, William M. Sudduth; surety, David Anderson. 

1828 Oct 25

Anderson, William A., and Sarah A. Duvall; surety, A.W. Mills.  

1843 Feb 15

Anderson, William M., and Delila Johnson; surety, Josiah Clem.

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