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1741 Poll for the Election of Burgesses for County of Prince William, Virginia.  Nicholas Anderson's name listed under candidates William Fairfax and Major Blackburn.

Note:  I'm not sure if this was the same Nicholas Anderson who later settled in Montgomery Co., KY.  If so, he was born a lot earlier than many speculate.

May 28, 1752

Nicholas Anderson, witness for Thomas Brown and Richard Hazelwood.  Same p. 7. Elizabeth, wife of John Anderson, witness.

Prince William Co., VA – Minute Book 1752-3, pp. 6-7

November 24, 1767 - May 21, 1768 Niclos Anderson, Barbery Anderson, Edward Williams, Jemiah (Jemimah) Williams, John Somers and (possibly John Harper) listed as signers to the Covenant of the Chopawamsic Baptist Church.  Note: These signers were dissenters in Overwharton Parish.  Records in Prince William Co., VA (present day Stafford Co, VA).  Note: See Anderson's Station in KY below (1791). Chopawamsic Baptist Church Records - Contributed by Homer Musselman.

April 15, 1779

Nicholas Anderson was a signer of the "Corn Compact", entered into by the Association of the Settlers of Boonesboro.  Others who signed include: Nathaniel Hart, Robert Cartwright, Edward Williams, William Hall, Thomas Hall, John Harper, Beale Kelley, Peter Harper, Jesse Oldham, James Anthony, George Madden, Jesse Peake, Edward Hall, William Johnson, John Kelley, Benjamin White, Whitson George and John Cartwright.

Kentucky Papers, Draper MSS 29 CC 59.

Dec 21, 1779

Nicholas Anderson – 400-acres at head of a branch of the Licking called Little Mountain Creek. Actual settlement 1st June 1779.

KY Reg. V21/70

Feb 4, 1780 Jno Whiteledge by Thomas Whiteledge this day claimed a preempt'n of 1,000 acres of Land at the State price in the District of Kentucky on acc't of marking and improving the same in the year 1776 lying near the head of a small branch of the south fork of licking creek on a plan marked and improved for Nich's & Pressly Anderson satisfactory proof having been made to the Court they are of the Opinion that the s'd Whiteledge has a right to a prempt'n of 1,000 Acres of Land to include the above location & that a Certificate issue accordingly.  Note: Whiteledge got 1,000 acres surveyed on Cooper's Run which seems to be in Bourbon County. Certificate Book of the Virginia Land Commission 1779-1780
Sept 6, 1780 - Oct 21, 1780  Nicholas Anderson on pay roll of Capt. Goss' Company in Service in Kentucky County under the command of Col. John Bowman.  Others listed include: John Harper, Peter Harper, James Estill, Edward Williams, George Boone, Math. Robeson, George Robeson and more.  George Rogers Clark and His Men, Doc. 32
May 1781 Nicholas Anderson appointed constable in the district of Captain Estill's Company. Lincoln Co., KY Order Books 1781-91
June 27, 1782 Nicholas Anderson, William Calk and Nicholas George witness to Nathaniel Hart's Will.  Probated Jan 22, 1783 Lincoln Co., KY/VA Wills, Book A, page 4
Oct 11, 1782 - Nov 11, 1782 Nicholas Anderson on pay roll of men under command of Lt. John South, guarding the Frontier of Fayette County.  Others listed include Nicholas George, James McMillion, Presley Anderson, James Crouch and more. George Rogers Clark and His Men, Doc. 105
Oct 24, 1782 - Nov 14, 1782 Nicholas Anderson on pay roll of Capt. William Hoy's Company of the Lincoln Militia, in actual service on an expedition against the Shawnee Indians under the command of George Rogers Clark.  Others listed include: Edward Willliams, Ambrose Coffee, James McMillan, Nicholas George, David Crews and more. George Rogers Clark and His Men, Doc. 65
Nov 5, 1782 - Nov 24, 1782 Nicholas Anderson on pay roll of Capt. Laurence Thompson's Company of Lincoln Militia.  On Expedition against the Shawnee Indians under the command of George Rogers Clark George Rogers Clark and His Men, Doc. 108

December 1784

Nicholas Anderson, David Crews, and Nicholas George ordered to build a road “to Adams where it crosses Taylor's Fork of Silver Creek.” (Christopher Irvine was also mentioned in a September 1784 court record requesting these four men to "view the most convenient way for road from Boonesborough to Paint Lick").

Lincoln Co. VA/KY Order Book 1:249 and 1:225


Fayette County Tax List: Henry, Joseph, Nicholas, Presleyu and Theophilus Anderson

Fayette Co., KY Tax List

Oct 9, 1790 NOT SURE IF SAME NICHOLAS ANDERSON -  David Henderson, Co. of Hanover, St. Martins Parish and Hannah his wife to Richard Anderson, son of Michael Anderson of Co. of Louisa and Parish of St. Martins -- 120 pounds current money of Va. -- 180 acres. Wit: W. Chisholm, Jr. signed: David Henderson, Ponney Anderson, Nicholas Anderson, Thomas Anderson.  Hannah [she didn't sign her last name].

Note: According to some researchers, Nicholas Anderson and others went back to Virginia to get their families around 1790. "Ponney" Anderson was likely "Pouncy Anderson".

Louisa Co., Va., Deed Book H, pp. 486-88

Record found on TN Henderson Website



"Anderson's Station: ...was upon the head of now Hinkston, about 2 miles south west of Mt. Sterling.  Settled about 1791 by Nicholas Anderson; John Harper, bro: to Peter Harper, and Ned Williams, were the other 2 of 3 men that had their fams there.  One Somers lived there, awhile, but not I believe, at first.  Hinkston was then called Little Mountain, to as low down as where Grassy Lick came in; where it was then called H." 

Note: According to Harry Enoch, this was same land claimed in 1779 on the dividing ridge between Lulbegud and Hinkston Creeks.

Kentucky Papers, Draper MSS. – Clark Co., KY interview

Harry Enoch, In Search of Morgan's Station, p. 62


Thomas T. Anderson born.  According to the 1850 census, he was born in MD, but the 1860 census says KY.  

Note: Names of Thomas T. Anderson's children suggest that he was a grandson of Nicholas Anderson (ex. Asena, Abihu and Alley).  Land transactions also support this view. 

Montgomery Co., KY Census:  1850 - 1860

April 13, 1793

Anderson, Aseene, daughter Nicholas Anderson (consent) and James Bradshaw; surety, Daniel Willson.  1793 Apr 13.

Clark Co., KY Marriage Bonds

Aug 3, 1793

Newspaper article - “Abihu Anderson, living in Clark Co. on the headwaters of Hingston Creek”

KY Gazette Vol VI No. XLVI

Jan 16, 1794

Anderson, Annie, daughter Nicholas Anderson (consent) and Samuel Hadden; surety Abihu Anderson.  1794 Jan 16     

Clark Co., KY Marriage Bonds

Oct 31, 1795 Newspaper article - David Crews of Madison County regarding land claim.  Mentions Harpers Station and Nicholas Anderson.   KY Gazette Vol IX, Num VIII, 7 Nov 1795
Dec 15, 1795 Newspaper article - Nicholas Anderson regarding a land claim. KY Gazette Vol IX, Num XIV, 19 Dec 1795
Aug 2, 1797 Newspaper article - Nicholas Anderson regarding a land claim. KY Gazette Vol X, Num 546, 5 Aug 1797

Spring 1804 to Winter 1805

Deposition of Nicholas Anderson (and others, taken at the home of Nicholas Anderson).  Others interviewed include:  Jilson Payne, John Harper, Ebenezer Corn, John Pleakenstalver, Ambrose Coffee, John McGuire, Presley Anderson, Edwin Williams and Daniel Williams.

Depositions at Home of Nicholas Anderson Source: Fayette Co. Records, V1  Cook and Cummings.

June 2, 1806

Nicholas Anderson, wife Barbara, of Montgomery Co. to Nimrod Anderson for $100 – 100 acres on Small Mountain Creek where said Nimrod Anderson now lives (same boundary as Deed 8/95).  Bounded by Nicholas Anderson, Edmund Johnson, Moses Wilkerson, James Bradshaw

Montgomery. Co., KY Deed Book (DB) 4/5

June 2, 1806

Nicholas Anderson, wife Barbara, to James Bradshaw for and in consideration of love and affection we have for James Bradshaw and $1 – 100 acres where said Bradshaw now lives on Small Mountain Creek. 

Montgomery Co. DB 4/6

June 6, 1808

Nicholas Anderson to William Lynn (heir at law of Andrew Lynn, deceased of Fayette Co., PA)* for $1, and Andrew Lynn’s legal title to 254 acres, part of his 1000-acre survey.  Conveys 73 acres on Small Mountain Creek.  Bounded by James Bradshaw, N. Anderson, Anderson’s 400-acre pre-emption.  Witnesses:  Thomas Fletcher, J. Magowen, Will O’Rear.

* The deed reads:  "...Andrew Lynn deceased of the county of Fayette and state of Kentucky Pennsylvania".  Upon closer look, it appears that the word "Kentucky" is scratched out.  

Montgomery Co. DB 4/397.  Also DB 4/403

July 21, 1809

Commissioners met at dwelling house of late Nicholas Anderson, dec’d – to appraise the slaves and personal estate.  7 slaves, livestock, household goods.  Witnesses: William Calk, Joseph Simpson and Will O’Rear

Montgomery Co., KY Will Book A/398

Oct 9, 1815

Abihu Anderson and wife Jane to Brice Miller.  For consideration of $202.50, tract of land containing 20 ¼ acres part of Nicholas Anderson’s 400-acre preemption.  Bounded by James Bradshaw, Samuel Hadden, William Lynn. 

Montgomery Co., KY DB 7/249-50

Before 1816 Marriage of Thomas T. Anderson and Margaret Miller, daughter of Brice Miller and Elizabeth Bradshaw Daughter "Alley Jane" born abt. 1816.

Sept 12, 1816

Nimrod Anderson, wife Ann of Montgomery County to John Halley of Montgomery County – for $150 – tract in Montgomery County on Small Mountain Creek where said Anderson now lives.  Bounded by Edmund Johnston’s preemption, Moses Wilkerson, James Bradshaw.  William Calk’s heirs have brought a suit for a part of said land.

Montgomery Co., KY DB 8/95


Peter Helms bought from Joseph & Elizabeth Young 200 acres on Spencer Creek for $4000. Adjacent to Nicholas Anderson, Robert Botts in Montgomery County, KY. No witnesses.   (This would be Nicholas, Jr.)

Montgomery Co., KY DB 8/238-9. Helms Website  

Sept 20, 1817

Abihu Anderson, wife Jane – Adm. Nicholas Anderson, dec’d – James Bradshaw, wife Asena; and Aletha Wilkerson, heirs of Nicholas Anderson, dec’d – interest in 100 acres – to Samuel Hadden, part of Nicholas Anderson’s 400-acre preemption in Montgomery County, on Anderson’s Fork of Small Mountain Creek (bounded by James Bradshaw)

Montgomery Co., KY DB 8/2 56


Samuel and Annis Hadden to Peter Helms – for $2,000 – 100 acres on Anderson’s Fork on Little Mountain Creek.  Note: Annis was a daughter of Nicholas Anderson.

Montgomery Co., KY DB 9/359. Helms Website


Peter Helms, wife Leah, to Abihu Anderson for $2,000. Four parcels of land on Slate Creek - 160 acres, 60 acres, 10 acres and 40 acres. Leah released her dower rights to the property.

Montgomery Co., KY DB 9/ 404-5 Helms Website

Jan 10, 1822

Abihu Anderson, wife Jane, of Montgomery Co. to Nicholas Anderson of Montgomery County for $68 – tract on Slate Creek - borders Abihu Anderson and Isaac Evans – where Nicholas Anderson now lives.  (Note: this would be Nicholas, Jr.)

Montgomery Co., KY DB 10/305

December 1823

Will of Nicholas Anderson (jr.). Wife Rachel, for purpose of raising his children.  Witness: David Bradshaw

Montgomery Co., Will Book C/4

Feb 7, 1825

Abihu Anderson, Montgomery Co., to Henry Wilkerson for consideration of other property left to heirs of Nicholas Anderson, dec’d – convey title to Henry Wilkerson (one of Moses Wilkerson’s heirs) for property coming to said heir from estate of Nicholas Anderson, dec’d.  Bounded by John Berkley, Moses Wilkerson’s 100 acres.  Contains 34 acres.

Montgomery Co., KY DB 12/167

Abt 1825

Abihu Anderson removed to Morgan County, IN.  Abihu listed in 1830 census.  Males: 1 age 50-60 (Abihu).  Females: 1 age 5-10; 1 15-20; 1 50-60 (Jane?)

C.N. Anderson Bio and 1830 Morgan Co., IN Census, p. 233

June 17, 1829

Death of James Anderson of Montgomery Co., KY. Son of Abihu and husband of Lucinda.

C.N. Anderson Bio

June 1, 1830  

James Miller and wife Liby; Brice Miller and wife Elizabeth; John Miller and wife Nancy; Nancy McGuire (late Nancy Miller); Thomas Anderson and wife Peggy; George Stewart and wife Elizabeth; William Gilmore and wife Rachel; Philip Varvel and wife Jane; David Miller and Joseph Miller of the first part and George Black of the second part.  For $12 per acre, a certain tract on the Waters of Hinkston Creek, part of Nicholas Anderson’s preemption of 400 acres. Bounded by Anderson Bradshaw, John Helms, William Lynn.

A second Indenture continues on p. 31, worded similarly, but names: Bradshaw Miller and wife Rebecca; James Miller and wife Liby; William Gilmore and wife Rachel; Thomas Anderson and wife Margaret (heirs and legal representatives of Brice Miller, dec’d) to George Black.  For $12 per acre, land on Hinkston Creek, part of Nicholas Anderson’s preemption.  Bounded by Anderson Bradshaw, John Helms, Wm Lynn.  

Montgomery Co., KY DB 16/30-32  

Oct 27, 1831 to Dec 1831

Will of Nimrod Anderson.  Wife Ann.  At her death to be divided between my children when the youngest comes of age – exceptions Annas Anderson (when she marries), Aleanne Anderson (when she marries), Barbery Anderson, Nimrod Anderson (when of age), Sena Anderson (when she marries), Elizabeth Anderson.  Executors: Anderson Bradshaw, Samuel L. Frame.  “It is to be understood that Aletha Wills and Acena Cartright, are both my lawful heirs with the other named children”.  Witnesses: John Fox, John Woodward.  Settlement of estate:  Mar 23, 1833

Montgomery Co., KY Will Book D/26 and Will Book D/341

Sept. 5, 1831

Peter Helms and wife Leah sold to George Black 100 acres on waters of Lulbegrud & Hinkston being part of Edward Williams' preemption of 400 acres for $1850. Land formerly owned by Edward William and sold to Andrew Helms, adjacent to Nicholas Anderson.

Montgomery Co., KY
DB 15/376-7
Helms Website

July 21, 1834

Mortgage agreement between Thomas T. Anderson and William Barrows.  Household items used as security on loan of $7.25.  Barrows will return items once amount paid back.  BJ Thomas and Montgomery County Constable Johnson also mentioned.  Test: Will Miller and James Howard. 

Montgomery Co., KY MTG 16/446

Nov 12, 1838

Anderson, Alley Jane and James Ginnett; surety, Thomas T. Anderson.

Clark Co., KY Marriage Bonds

June 17, 1839

Anderson, Elizabeth, and Eli Husband; surety, Thomas T. Anderson. Age of Eli Husband proven by Alfred Bouren. (Note:  Groom’s name should read Hubbard, not Husband).   

Clark Co., KY Marriage Bonds

March 16, 1841

Ely and Elizabeth Hubbard to John M. Stephens.  For $300, land lying on the waters of the Long Branch, “supposed to be 45 acres it being more or less 9 ¾ acres of said land was purchased from Francis Myers, by the said Hubbard.  The balance of the land belonged to Thomas Anderson tract.  Bounded by Harvey Hensley, Francis Myers, and Anderson.  

Montgomery Co., KY DB 27/491

Aug 18, 1851

James Bean to Elizabeth Hubbard.  Land on Slate Creek for $1.00

Montgomery Co., KY DB 24/155

Sept. 30, 1853

Deposition of William Ragan - "Known Nimrod N. Anderson for 12 - 13 years (got to drinking). Lived on Slate Creek 3 years ago. Wife Mahala Anderson (guilty of whoring). Couple parted"

Montgomery County Public Library – Anderson Notes

Oct 29, 1857

David F. Trimble and wife Narcissa to Elizabeth Hubbard, in consideration of $4 per acre on the Long Branch (of Slate Creek).  Bounded by John M. Stephens.

Montgomery Co., KY DB 26/376

Jan 2, 1860 BLOODY AFFRAY UP ON SLATE:--A terrible and bloody affray occurred on the night of the 2nd of January in this county, some ten miles from this town, at a public house kept by Eli Hubbart. The difficulty arose concerning some dancing arrangements, if we have been correctly informed, having been absent from the county at the time. The result was that Josh. Hubbart, brother of Eli, was shot with a pistol in the hands of Mat. Stevens, from the effects of which he died on the Thursday following. Eli Hubbart had his back ripped open with a knife in the melee, while Mat. Stevens and a son of his were terribly belabored with clubs. January 20, 1860 edition of The Western Citizen (the article is cited from the Mt. Sterling Whig)
January 1860

BRUTAL BEATING--We learn that Jim Anderson nearly killed Frank Kirtley a few days ago upon slate, by beating him with a club--Mt. Sterling Whig. 

Note: This article was found in the same edition (and column) as the Joshua Hubbard murder.  This may have been James Anderson, son-in-law of Mat Stevens and possible brother-in-law to Eli Hubbard.

January 20, 1860 edition of The Western Citizen (cited from the Mt. Sterling Whig)

Aug 26, 1861

John T. Cox and wife Nancy to Elizabeth Hubbard.  Land on Long branch for $160.  Land formerly owned by Lymon Porter?  Beginning on west side of County Road near Mat Stephens.  Also bordering Hopwood? tract, H. Dugan, P. Dugan and Joseph Riggs.

Montgomery Co., KY DB 27/511

July 30, 1869 Eli Hubbard filed suit for divorce against wife, Elizabeth Anderson Hubbard.  "...defendant left and abandoned the plaintiff and has been living in adultery since that time with other men".  Case later filed away.  Eli and Elizabeth listed together in 1870 census.  Montgomery Co., KY Circuit Court files (copied at KY Archives from original documents)
June 1877

Suite - James H. Trimble guardian vs. ...
Between Acena Anderson, Octaire Martin, Joel Martin, Thomas Hubbard, John Hubbard, Leora Hubbard, Elizabeth Hubbard, Green Hubbard, and Blanche Hubbard - to John H. Mack - Land on Long Branch and Slate Creek - 137 acres.  Note: Acena, John and Thomas are children of Eli and Elizabeth Anderson Hubbard.  The others are the children of Eli and Elizabeth's daughter, Evaline who died around 1875.

Montgomery Co., KY Com. DB 1/112 J

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