Hubbards of Montgomery County, Kentucky

Several other Hubbards lived as neighbors of my ancestor, Eli Hubbard,  in Montgomery County, Kentucky.  They were most likely related--although I have not found documented proof, with the exception of Joshua Hubbard, brother to Eli.  An 1860 newspaper article tells of the death of Joshua Hubbard in a bar room fight:  

January 20, 1860 edition of The Western Citizen (cited from the Mt. Sterling Whig):

BLOODY AFFRAY UP ON SLATE:--A terrible and bloody affray occurred on the night of the 2nd of January in this county, some ten miles from this town, at a public house kept by Eli Hubbart. The difficulty arose concerning some dancing arrangements, if we have been correctly informed, having been absent from the county at the time. The result was that Josh. Hubbart, brother of Eli, was shot with a pistol in the hands of Mat. Stevens, from the effects of which he died on the Thursday following. Eli Hubbart had his back ripped open with a knife in the melee, while Mat. Stevens and a son of his were terribly belabored with clubs. -- Mt. Sterling Whig.

References to other Montgomery County, KY Hubbards include:

Nathan Hubbard, born ~1775 in VA.  Wife Winnie was also born in VA around 1780.

James Hubbard, probably born ~1820 (based on age of his widow, Hannah).  

Archibald Hubbard, born 1823-25 in KY

Peter Hubbard, born ~1827 in KY

Martha Hubbard Trimble, born ~ 1838 in Clay County (wife of John Washington Trimble)

Note:  Nathan Hubbard may have been the son of Benjamin Hubbard and Hannah Martin.  This particular Hubbard family moved around a lot to various counties in Virginia and North Carolina.  

A Campbell Co., VA marriage record may also be the same person:  

Nat Hubbard and Sarah Hix, by Charles Cobbs.  Sept 1796.  Campbell County, VA.  




1850 Census - Montgomery Co., KY (page 77)

Archibald Hubbard,  25, KY

Nancy Hubbard,  30, KY

Nathan Hubbard,  75, VA

Winney Hubbard,  69, VA

Eliza Jane Hubbard,  3, KY


Peter Hubbard, 23, KY

Rachel Hubbard, 23, KY


Hanna Hubbard, 30, KY

James C., 11, KY

Matilda Jane, 9, KY

Julia A.,  6, KY

Andrew F.,  3, KY

Sarah B., 1, KY

Note:  Husband was James.  A land transfer between James and Hanna Hubbard and James Turley occurred in 1851ůmaybe this was his estate?  Hanna appears alone in a transfer in 1849 to Martha Stevens

1860 Census - Montgomery Co., KY

Eli Hubbard, 48,  KY

Elizabeth Hubbard,  41,  KY     

Evaline, 20,  KY

Frances, 13,  KY

Betty, 11,  KY

Thos, 4,   KY (Matthew Thomas)

Jno. B.,  2,   KY

Arch Hubbard, 30, KY

Nancy, 43 ?, KY

Harrison, 11 ?, KY

Cynthia, 19, KY

William Hubbard, 19, KY

Nancy, 17, KY

Infant, 1 mo. Female, KY

Few pages laterů

Milton Anderson, 42, KY

Asena, 17, KY (nee Acenia Hubbard, probable daughter of Eli and Elizabeth Hubbard)

Mary Hubbard, 12, KY

1870 Montgomery County, KY Census

Fortune, Lewis, 68

Nancy, 28 (previously married to William Hubbard)

S.J., 1

J.A. Stevens, 19

Hubbard, W.S., 8

A few houses laterů

Eli Hubbard,  60,  KY

Elizabeth Hubbard, 47, KY 

Mathew, 14,  KY (Matthew Thomas)

J.B., 11,  KY

Mary Jones, 18, KY      Boarder

Evaline Hubbard, 28, KY (not sure if Evaline ever married)

Octava Hubbard, 9, KY

Leora Hubbard, 7, KY

E.A. Hubbard, 5, KY (Elizabeth)

Blanche Hubbard, 2, KY

Archie Hubbard, 46

Polina, 48  (Paulina Raddles.  Married 8/14/1866)

Joseph, 7

Abina Anderson, 32

Mary, 19

G.W., 3

Bettie Hubbard, 20, KY (daughter of Eli and Elizabeth Hubbard.  Married Willis Roberts later that year - December 1870)

Shelton Hubbard, 1, KY (took on Roberts name after mother married)

Later, page 242

Cenia Anderson, 26 (nee Acenia Hubbard)

M.C. Anderson, 10

S. M. Anderson, 6  

Descendents of Eli Hubbard (Montgomery County, KY)

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