Research Notes about Samuel Luckett and Anne Smoot


Smoot, Smoote & c. of Charles County, Maryland


The following material is from The Lucketts of Portobacco, MD, by Harry Wright Newman:


"On June 11, 1712, Samuel Luckett, described as the son and heir of Samuel Luckett late of Charles County, deceased, conveyed to Michael Martin, Planter, the land that "William Smoot in or about 2 August 1684 conveyed to Samuel Luckett Elder known as Johnson's Choice". The transfer was acknowledged in open court by Samuel Luckett and Anne his wife in due form of law. The witnesses to the conveyance were Thomas Orrell and Ben White 

"In 1714 Samuel Luckett and John Beale were witnesses at the will of Thomas Lilley, of Charles County, who died without issue. Little else is known regarding his public or private life. He probably lived quietly on his farm near Port Tobacco and died in testate sometime before 1725. He apparently sustained financial reverses, consequently at his death his estate was negligible. What existed was undoubtedly settled privately, inasmuch as no inventory was made of his personal estate nor were any administration papers issued to an administrator by the Perogative Court".

"His widow was living as late as 1750, when she was named in the will of her unmarried son Benjamin. The latter, who was styled carpenter, dated his will April 3, 1750, it being proved in court on July 6, 1750, by John Robey, Elizabeth Cooper, and Elizabeth Luckett. He devised his brother Thomas whom he named as executor 50 acres of "manner land" adjoining the tract "Quick Dispatch", and various personalty. Other articles of personal property were bequeathed his mother (unnamed) and brother Samuel".



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