Research Notes about Samuel Luckett and Elizabeth Hussey

Notes for SAMUEL LUCKETT:  Settled in Maryland before 1678. 

Samuel was a member of the Maryland Provincial Court during 1696, he signed a Petition to the King as a member of the Provincial Court and as a Civil Officer of Charles County. Since Catholics could not hold public office indicates that he was a member of the Church of England.  

At the Prerogative Court held in Charles County during 1684, "Appeared Samuel Luckett of Charles County who intermarried with the relict and administrator of John Gardiner and showeth that he never intermeddled with goods". Here proof exists of his marriage to the widow, and also for the belief that he had interfered with the estate of her deceased husband.  (Harry Wright Newman)

When Samuel died his estate was valued at 829 pounds, 13 shillings, 3 pence and included 7 white indentured servants but no slaves.  

5th Mch., 1705; 18th July, 1705. Will of Samuel LUCKETT of Charles Co, MD. To wife --, 150 A., “Smootes Chance,” at Port Tobacco. To eld. son Samuel, 200 A., “Hussey’s Discovery,” also 150 A. adjacent to the land formerly knowne to be Capt. Josias FENDALL’S and now adjoining the widow Eliza: HAWKINS. To son Thomas, 500 A. in Virginia, near Quanticott. To son Ignatius, 100 A., “Thompson’s Square.” To young. son Thomas Hussey LUCKETT, personalty. In event of death of any son or sons afsd. during minority or without issue, survivor or survivors to inherit deceased’s portion. Residue of estate to wife and child. afsd., including money due in England. Exs.: Wife and son Samuel. Test: Philip BRISCOE, Sr., Jos. VENOM, Michaell WATERER. (3. 649 Calendar of Wills: Volume 3)

Notes for ELIZABETH HUSSEY:  Elizabeth was a Roman Catholic, as was her mother, and all four Luckett sons were brought up in the Catholic faith.  

Elizabeth's father, Thomas Hussey, entered the Province as an indenture, but was styled Gent. This indicates that he was "a scion of the English gentry". His signature is found on documents which proves that he was educated --an accomplishment not always attributable to many of the early settlers. He became one of the interesting characters of the early days and once wrote to Lord Baltimore that he had been robbed by the Indians "of alle but the clothes on my bodye". He contracted numerous marriages, and while it is not clear whether he professed the Roman or Anglican faith, it is known that his second wife was a Catholic, the religion which was imparted to their two daughters. Source: The Lucketts of Portobacco, MD.

Thomas Hussey died at the beginning of the eighteenth century, and by his will, proved October 14, 1700, he devised his grandson and namesake, Thomas Hussey Luckett, 1,310 acres of land at Chingamucon (Chicamuxen) which lay in Durham Parish, the western-most portion of the county.

Elizabeth's mother, Joanna Porter, is probably one of my favorite ancestors.  See more about her:  Joanna Porter Neville Hussey

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