Deters of Oldenburg, Germany - Marriages and Births


Marriage Date (or date of firstborn if in parenthesis) Deters Individual Spouse Child(ren) Notes
(abt 1 Jun 1733)    ------   Deters Maria Deters Bernardus  
(28 Jul 1733)  -----   Deters Alheid Mormans Anna Adelheid  
(3 Oct 1733) Arend Deters Christina Margaretha Ronebaum Anna Ahlheid  
(30? May 1734) Elisabeth Deters Berend Stuntebecke Johan Henrich  
(5 Jul 1734) Henrich Deters Anna Catharina Wellman Engel  
(1-5 Sep 1734) Johan ? Deters Alheidis Luckes Catharina Engel  
(5 Dec 1746) Johan Deters and Anna Haskamp Anna Maria Engel, Arend Henrich  
(24 Feb 1752) Johan Henrich Deters Maria Kersting/Kessing/ Kersing Maria Catharina, Franciscus, Hen Arend, Cath Ang and J. Hen Cath. Angela m. J. H. Uhlenkamp; J. Hen. m. Maria Engel Bolke
(23 Nov 1747) Catharina Margaretha Deters Johan Krämer Catharina Angela Child born from adulterous relationship.  Surname used not known.
(27 Feb 1749) Elisabeth Deters Johan … Kramer Anna Margaretha  
4 Oct 1748 Anna Margaretha Deters Johan Heinrich Hausfeld Anna Engel, Herm Hen, Anna Cath,  
2 Jul 1751 Johan Wilhelm Deiters, widower Anna Elisabeth Stuntebecke    
(19 Jul 1751) Joan Arend Deters Margaretha Böckerstädde Catharina Margaretha, Arnoldus Henricus  
(19 Sep 1751) Arend Henrich Deters Anna Böckerstedde Anna Margaretha, Anna Catharina  
(23 Oct 1753) Anna Margaretha Deters Henrich Fanckman Joannes Arnoldus illegitimate
(7 Jun 1752) Johan Henrich Deters Gesina Böckstiede/Böckerstedde    Joan Wilhelm, Anna Catharina  
(10 …1752) Henrich Deters Anna Deters Anna Maria  
10 Aug 1752 Herman Deters Maria Winterman Joannes Henricus, Joh. Hen., Maria Angela  
(27 Aug 1752) Catharina Deters Ernst Lonneman Anna Maria  
(26 Oct 1752) Catharina Engel Deters Joan Gerd Bolcke Catharina Margaretha  
(22 Nov 1753) Johan Deters Anna Bergmans Joannes Franciscus  
(24 Feb 1754) Johan Henrich Deters Anna Bockerstedde Margaretha Elisabeth  
(17 Oct 1754) Arend Deters Christina Schlarman Herman Henrich  
26 Apr 1756 Johan Henrich Deters Anna Fanckmans Johan Bernard, Gerhard Henrich  
11 Jan 1757 Gerhard Henrich Deters Anna Angela Fanckmans Anna Maria Ang., Cath. Ang., Anna Maria Agnes  
22 Aug 1759 Arnold Deters Angela Deters, cousins 3rd deg. Anna Angela, Johan Arnold  
14 Oct 1759 Joannes Deters Catharina Maria Rönckers Arnold Henrich  
25 Nov 1759 Arnold Deters, widower Anna Margaretha Haskamp Henrich Arnold  
(2 Nov 1760) Johan Deters Anna Osterhues Carolus Henricus  
6 May 1761 Anna Margaretha Deters Arnold Heinrich Stuntebecke   cousins 4th degree
28 Sep 1761 Wilhelm Deters, widower Anna Maria Clamirs ?    
6 May 1764 Margaretha Deters Arnold Henrich MackeBolcke Anna Margr.  
30 Sep 1767 Henrich Deters Adelheid Forthmans    
11 Oct 1767 Anna Maria Deters Johan Klünnenberg    
15 Nov 1767 Johan Herman Deters Anna Catharina Hoye, widow Herzogs    
10 Dec 1767 Anna Angela Deters, widow Johan Henrich Röncker    
10 Aug 1768 Johan Henrich Deters Anna Margaretha Elisabeth Böckman    
26 Apr 1769 Maria Agnes Deters Arnold Henrich Kleine Haverbecke    
21 Nov 1769 Anna Maria Angela Deters Johan Gerhard Rabe    
15 Oct 1770 Johan Bernard Deters Anna Margaretha Rönker    
4 Oct 1772 Maria Deters Johan Bernard Grever    
12 Feb 1775 Johan Henrich Deters Maria Angela Bolcke Johan Heinrich The father's parents were J.H. Deters and Maria Kersting.  Their son, Johan Heinrich, m. Catherine Kruse
14 Jan 1776 Maria Catharina Deters Henrich Brünn    
23 Jan 1776 Catharina Engel Deters Johann Heinrich Uhlenkamp   Catherine is dau. of Joh. Hen. Deters and Maria Kessing
12 Nov 1776 Adelheid Deters, widow Henrich Wassing    
25 Oct 1777 Johan Deters Anna Maria Margaretha Sudbecke Anna Maria Agnes, Johan Henrich, Henrich Arnold, Joh. Bernard, Maria Catharina  
18 Jan 1778 Johan Deters Margaretha Angela van der Tangen    
15 Feb 1778 Johan Bernard Deters Catharina Margaretha Sünnenberg    
6 Sep 1778 Catharina Margartha Deters Frans Henrich Grevenkamp    
11 Jan 1780 Johann Heinrich Deters Maria Catharina Farwyk Maria Agnes, Cath. Maria, Hen. Arnold  
25 Apr 1780 Margaretha Elisabeth Deters Bernard Christopher Wehming, widower    
23 Sep 1780 Catharina Deters Johann Heinrich Kramer    
14 Jan 1781 Angela Deters Herman Henrich Borgerding    
5 or 9 Oct 1783 Maria Deters Herman Stuntebecke    
23 Nov 1783 Arend Deters Maria Bolke    
11 Jan 1784 Arend Heinrich Deters Angela Buning, widow    
25 Apr 1784 Joan Caspar Deters Anna Margaretha Gertrud Wihebrink    
8 Jan 1787 Johan Henrich Deters Anna Maria Klünenberg Johan Bernd  
8 Jan 1787 Johan Henrich Deters Catharina Margaretha Macke    
11 Feb 1787 Johan Bernd Deters, widower Margaretha Angela Rabe Joan Henrich, Joannes Everhardus  
(8 Apr 1787) Joan Deters Angela Tangeman Joan Henrich Could this be the same as van der Tangen?
22 Jul 1787 Anna Catharina Deters Henrich Ronnebaum, widower    
11 Oct 1787 Anna Maria Deters, widow Fangman Jacob Morman, widower    
6 Mar 1788 Joan Bernd Deters Maria Catharina Deters Joh. Bernd, Marg Elis, Mar Ang, J. Hen, Mar Agnes  
(30 Jul 1788) Elisabeth Deters Caspar Rabe     Henrich Arend, Johan Henrich, Gerd Henrich married Henrich Rabe by 1791
(26 Feb 1790) Margaretha Deters Bernard Grever Maria Catharina  
(25 June 1790) Anna Magtha Deters Christopher Wehming Friedrich Anton  
(29 Oct 1790) Maria Angela Deters Herm Stuntebeck Maria Angela  
(7 Nov 1790) Catharina Margaretha Deters Henrich Westendorf Joan Bernd Friedrich  
(17 Sep 1791) Johan Henrich Deters Angela Stuntebeck Maria Elisabeth, Johan Fridrich  
(5 Dec 1791) Gerd Henrich Deters Anna Maria Macke Hen. Arnold, Anna Maria, Joan Bernd, Franz Hen.  
(3 Jan 1793) Maria Catharina Deters Johan Beckstedde Heinrich Arnold  
1794 or later Maria Catharina Deters Christopher Heinrich Kramer    
(13 Dec 1799) Agnes Deters Joan Macke Margaretha Elisabeth  
(6 Oct 1800) Johan Bernard Deters Catharina Macke Maria Agnes  
(8 Jul 1801) Maria Agnes Deters Johan Sünnenberg Johan  
13 Feb 1806 Anna Maria Agnes Deters Gerhard Deters   (She is dau. of Joh. Deters and Anna Maria Südbecke.)
30 Jun 1808 Johan Henrich Deters Maria Agnes Macke    
25 Jan 1809 Johann Heinich Deters Maria Catharina Kleine Haverbeck     Maria Cath., Joh. Hen.,    
9 Sep 1812 Heinrich Arnold Deters Maria Elisabeth Macke J. Hen, Cath. Ang., Hen. Arnold, Arnold Heinrich,  Franz Hen., Bern. Hen., Maria Catharina (Katy). J. Hen-m. Maria Elisabeth Nienaber., Arnold Heinrich- m. 1809, 1829, 1827,  Franz Hen.-m. Maria Bernardina Lüning and Josephine Stuntebeck, Katy m. Joh. Hen. Sünnenberg, Ferdinand Kramer and  Anton Wehrman.
21 Jul 1813 Johan Heinrich Deters Catharina Kruse Maria Catharina, Maria Elis., Arnold Heinrich (He is son of Joh. Hen. Deters and Engel Bolcke)
6 May 1813 Henrich Arend Deters Maria Angela Böckstedde Catharina, Henrich Arnold  
(27 Jan 1814) Catharina Deters Arend Macke Joan Henrich  
10 Jan 1815 Agnes Deters, widow Helman Joan Wilhelm Lol/Lott Johann Friedrich (Dierck), Maria Elisabeth  
10 Jan 1815 Maria Angela Deters Joan Bernard Wübker Anna Maria Elisabeth  
(26-28 Oct 1815) Henrich Arend Deters and Maria Catharina Deters Johan Henrich    
8 Jan 1817 Bernard Deters Maria Elisabetth Wöbkenberg   Johan Hermann Ferdinand    
28 May 1817 Johann Heinrich Deters Maria Elisabeth Kröger    
(4 Aug 1818) Johan Heinrich Deters Maria Agnes Krapp Maria Catharina  
(5 Nov 1818) Johan Henrich Deters Maria Agnes Macke Maria Agnes (This could be the same couple as 30 June 1808.)
(14 Dec 1819) Elisabeth Deters Gerhard Henrich Macke Joan Henrich  
(15 Dec 1819) Bernard Deters Catharina Macke Maria Elisabeth This could be the same couple as above, 6 Oct 1800)
 (6 Apr 1820) Johann Bernard Deters Agnes Prüne Maria Agnes, Johann Bernard  
(25 Jun 1821) Johan Heinrich Arnold Deters Maria Catharina Meyer Herman Heinrich, Maria Elisabeth, Maria Catharina  
(31 Aug 1821) Maria Elisabeth Deters Heinrich Arnold Bergmann Maria Catharina  
 (2 Jan 1822) Friedrich Deters Agnes Krabb  Joahnn Heinrich, Maria Elisabeth Friederich Deters changed his name to Sünnenberg
(16 Jan 1823) Agnes Deters Heinrich Arnold Schratz Ferdinand  
(24 Mar 1824) Johan Bernard Deters Maria Agnes Deters Bernard Heinrich, Maria Agnes, Herman Heinrich  
(6 May 1824) Maria Agnes Deters Johan Caspar Beckstedde Maria Cath., Maria Elis., Anna Maria Cath Elis.,  
10 Feb 1829 Maria Elisabeth Deters Heinrich Clemens Hausfeld Joh. Hen., Bern. Hen., Hen. Arnold, Joseph, Maria Anna Elis., Clements  
10 Feb 1829 Johann Bernard Deters Maria Agnes Hausfeld Johann Heinrich, Clemens He also married Anna Maria Agnes Macke on 29 May 1838; they had Maria Catharina
(24 Aug 1829) Johann Bernard Deters Anna Maria Engel Laumann Anna Maria The daughter m. Bernard Heinrich Sünnenberg, her 3rd degree cousin)
(13 Aug 1838) Bernard Heinrich Deters Maria Engel van Lehmden Johan Heinrich  
(10 Nov 1838) Johan Heinrich Deters Anna Maria Sextro Maria Caroline Theresia  
(31 Oct 1839) Maria Catharina Deters Johann Heinrich Ronnebaum   Maria Agnes  
18 Nov 1840 Maria Catharina Deters Johann Heinrich Sünnenberg  Maria Carolina, Maria Elisabeth She was the daughter of Johann Heinrich Deters and Maria Catharina Kleine Haverbeck
(7 Jan 1845) Maria Agnes Deters Johan Heinrich Rolfsen Hermann Heinrich  
1 Mar 1848 Johan Henry Deters Maria Elisabeth Nienaber Maria Catharina He was son of Henry Arnold Deters and Maria Elisabeth Macke
2 May  1849 Arnold Heinrich Deters Catharina Maria Wülmeier s. Bunnemeyer   He also married 8 June 1859 and 29 Jan 1874
25 Sep 1849 Franz Heinrich Deters Maria Bernardina Lüning Franz Heinrich, Bernard, Maria Bernardina Catharina, Maria Agnes, Maria Anna, Franz Anton, Maria Catharina, Ferdinand, Catharina,  
(10 Jul 1850) Gerhard Heinrich Deters Catharina Deters Ferdinand Anton Ferdinand m. Maria Elis. Grever
(21 Aug 1853) Maria Agnes Deters Hermann Heinrich Macke unnamed child  
8 Jun 1859 Arnold Heinrich Deters Maria Engel Wintermann Franz Heinrich  
5 Oct 1854 Anna Maria Deters Bernard Heinrich Sünnenberg Bernard, Heinrich, Maria Agnes, Maria Elisabeth, Maria Agnes, Maria Theresa, Clemens August They were 3rd degree cousins.
21 Feb 1854 Heinrich Arnold Deters Maria Anna Fangmann Maria Catharina, Maria Agnes-she m. Bernard Bolke  
29 Apr 1857 Maria Catharina Deters Johann Heinrich Sünnenberg  Carl, Maria Agnes Daughter married Herman Henry Rolfzen in 1879
8 Jun 1859 Arnold Heinrich Deters Maria Engel Wintermann Franz Heinrich Arnold H. was son of Henrich Arnold Deters and Maria Elisabeth Macke
30 Apr 1862 Maria Catharina (Katy) Deters Ferdinand Kramer Maria Engel Bernardine (Dina), Anna (Sr. Nothburga), Maria Therese, Bernard Heinrich (Ben),  Heinrich Dina m.Henrich Joseph Olberding, Maria Therese-m. John Moritz, Ben-m. Mary Klein,  Heinrich-m. Bernardine Niehus
24 Nov 1863 Johann Heinrich Deters Maria Bernardine Behr Maria Agnes Johann was son of Bernard Heinrich Deters and Maria Engel van Lehmden
9 May 1866 Franz Heinrich Deters Josephine Stuntebeck Elisabeth, Maria Anna  
29 Jan 1874 Arnold Heinrich Deters Maria Catharina Holthus/Holzhaus   Arnold was son of Henrich Arnold Deters and Maria Elisabeth Macke
22 Apr 1874 Ferdinand Anton Deters Maria Elisabeth Grever Maria Bernardina Ferdinand was son of Gerhard Heinrich Deters and Catherina Deters
29 Apr 1874 Maria Agnes Deters Bernard Bolke Maria Johanna Bolke Maria Agnes was dau. of Heinrich Arnold Deters and Maria Anna Fangmann
28 May 1873 Maria Anna Deters, widow Macke Johann Heinrich Fangmann   4th degree cousins
8 May 1878 Maria Agnes Deters ?   dau. of Franz Heinrich Deters and Bernardina Lüning
8 May 1883 Maria Anna Deters ?   dau. of Franz Heinrich Deters and Bernardina Lüning


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